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About USA

The United States is composed of fifty states and one district under the Special Administrative Region of the federal government, as well as several overseas territories. Geographically it faces the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Canada is situated on the north and Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico abut on the south. Area of the country exceeds 9,820,000 square kilometers. The population of the United States is about 330 million. It is the third largest country in the world. In addition, the United States is also a multicultural society in which the communities consist of different races. Caucasian is the largest ethnic group, followed by Black and Chinese. Most of the population concentrates in the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River and the Atlantic coast. The development of Chinese in the United States is very active and Chinatowns have gradually developed in more locations. Its agriculture, manufacturing industry, energy management, technology, and education all hold leading positions in the world, and its technological strength is also very strong, especially in the fields of computers, medicine, aerospace, and armaments, and its technology level takes the lead in the world. Although the United States does not have a statutory official language, some states use English as their official language. Owing to the large number of Latin Americans in the United States, the use of Spanish has become more frequent. Besides English, the most commonly used languages ​​in the United States are Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, etc. The United States is a democratic government. It implements three separation of powers (legislative power, executive power and judicial power). The United States federal laws apply throughout the country. In addition, each state, county, and autonomous region also has its own government and laws, such as those related to sales of tobacco and alcoholic drinks.

Why choose USA?

Leader of World Economy

The United States is now the most powerful economic system in the world. Its industries are vigorously developing. The output value of cutting-edge technology is more than tens of billions dollars each year, thus becoming the leader of other countries. Its labour productivity, gross domestic product, and foreign trade volume rank the first in the world. It has established a very perfect macroeconomic system for national economy.

According to data released by the Department of Commerce of United States, the Gross Domestic Product growth rate for the third quarter in 2017 is 3.2% in the United States. The main growing items are personal consumption expenditures, exports, expenses for purchases of hardware and software equipment by enterprises, business inventories, and fixed investment in housing.

High Quality Living

The labour market in the United States is large, and the development of higher education and professional technology has enabled the people to substantially enhance their salaries, health care and other benefits, and their income and living standards are higher than those in other countries.

Rights of Citizens

Any child born in the United States by those staying in the United States (including illegal migrants) is regarded as a United States citizen holding a United States passport. His/her time of staying outside the United States is not limited and is free to enter and exit the United States for the whole life. After becoming a U.S. citizen, he/she is legally entitled to all United States citizens’ rights, including making immediate immigration application for spouse, children, and parents.

Visa-free Treatment

Holders of United States passports are awarded visa-free treatment by 165 countries, including North America, Central America and most of Europe.

Excellent Education System

Students are under statutory obligation to receive education from primary level to Grade 12 in public schools. Schools are divided into public and private schools. Most of them are public schools implementing a free education system with “zero tuition fees” (except private boarding schools) and requiring no students to pay any fees. Moreover, schools generally will reserve 90%-95% of places for permanent residents or citizens, and thus makes it easier for local students to attend prestigious schools.

American universities are highly competitive and with very high academic standard in the world. In the Thames Higher Education rankings, California Institute of Technology, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Harvard are among the best.

Freedom to Develop Overseas Markets

Under the current atmosphere of economy globalization, setting up a company in the United States can enhance the international status of the company. Foreign exchange and funds can be freely traded by the companies in United States, thus the companies are given more power to raise funds. Therefore, registering companies in the United States can allow companies to grow and develop better in the long run. In addition, the business infrastructure for U.S. companies is good and conducive to market promotion.

Convergence of Diverse Ethnic Groups

As the United States is composed of many ethnic groups and formed by different cultures, immigrants from overseas are much welcome.