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About U.K.

The United Kingdom is formed by England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The official language of the United Kingdom is English. Other languages include Welsh and Scottish Gaelic.

The United Kingdom has a mild oceanic climate. Its four seasons are divided into Spring of March to May, Summer of June to August, Autumn of September to November and Winter of December to February.

London of the UK is one of the international financial centres in the world. Almost all of the banks in the world have clustered there. The London Stock Exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. The United Kingdom has the largest and most technologically advanced coal industry in Europe. The main products of the manufacturing industry include motor vehicles, aerospace equipment, electronic data processing, telecommunications equipment and petrochemical products. Fishery and publication industry are important economic activities.

London of England is a city in the world with quite a large number of Chinese. As regards the political structure, the United Kingdom is a constitutional country with a bicameral system. Therefore, the politics is very stable.

Hong Kong maintains a close relationship with the United Kingdom. During the period from 1841 to 1997, Hong Kong was a British colony. At that time, the British directly governed Hong Kong and the British even developed it from a small fishing village then into an international financial city today. Hong Kong, after being ruled by Britain for more than a hundred years, the life, education, and enterprise there have been infiltrated with British culture. Many people in Hong Kong have a complex about the United Kingdom and are particularly inclined to accept things from the United Kingdom. In particular, the British educational culture is particularly recognized and welcome by employers and institutions in Hong Kong.

Why choose U.K.?

Good Environment for Business

The financial, banking, insurance and other service industries in the United Kingdom account for approximately 77.7% of the entire gross national product. London, the capital of the country, is the world’s largest financial centre and is also the leader of the three major financial centres. It is ahead of New York and Tokyo. The number of foreign bank branches in London is more than that in any other city.

Also, the Heathrow Airport in London is the busiest airport and entertains the largest number of foreign flights in the world.

The Window to Other European Union Countries

The European Union consists of several European sovereign states. Its members include Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. Although the United Kingdom started the referendum in 2016 to exit the European Union, owing to historical factors and mutual benefits of trade, it is expected that the relationship between them will remain close.

Many non-UK multinational companies, such as Citigroup of the United States, have chosen to set up their European headquarters in London.

Perfect Health Care System

Health care in the UK is the best in the world. The nation-wide free medical service system set up by the British National Health Service System (NHS) is recognized by countries around the world for its excellent performance regarding costs and health care.

Perfect Education System

The United Kingdom has a long history of education. In the THES University Rankings of 2012, Cambridge University, Oxford University and Imperial College London are on the list. In the UK there are 171 universities and colleges. Since ancient times, British universities occupy a prominent position in the academic field. The design of curriculum integrates the good tradition and innovative concepts, and the quality of teaching and the recognition of the qualification are beyond doubt.

In the United Kingdom, children from 5 to 16 years old are to receive free education. The bachelor’s degree courses in the United Kingdom take three years of study to complete, but part-time programme, sandwich programme and Scottish bachelor’s degree will take four years to complete.