Tier 1 Investor


英國Tier 1投資移民計劃 (Tier 1 Investor Program) 要求簡單,申請成功後,申請人可獲取英國居留簽證 (Leave To Remain),5年後可申請英國無限期居留 (Indefinite Leave To Remain, 簡稱ILR),最快1年後,可申請成為英國公民 (Citizen),取得英國護照。


  • 無任何英語﹑營商或管理背景﹑學歷要求
  • 簡便快捷,僅1至4個月內獲批簽證
  • 子女可享有免費教育
  • 每一家庭成員可被納入國家健康服務計劃 (Natural Health Service, 簡稱NHS) 


  • 年滿18歲或以上
  • 於英國開立銀行戶口
  • 在英國投資200萬英鎊到英國金融市場﹑公司或指定金融產品,如股票﹑基金等,但不能包括物業﹑國債


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  • 申請人可在居留期間自由進出英國,惟離境時間每年不超過6個月
  • 英國開立銀行戶口時,需證明資金來源 (Source of fund) 
  • 另有快速途徑可更快申請英國無限期居留 (ILR),如有興趣,請透過「聯絡我們」向顧問查詢

The Tier 1 Investor Program in UK does not require any English language proficiency, business or management backgrounds or academic qualifications from applicants. Investors only need to invest £2 million in UK financial markets, companies or designated financial products to obtain a Leave To Remain. After obtaining the visa, each family member can be included in the National Health Service (NHS), and children can enjoy free education. After 5 years, once the investment requirements, length of stay and English language level are satisfied, then one can apply to become a permanent resident (Indefinite Leave To Remain /ILR). After that, one can apply for citizenship (Citizen), and obtain a British passport.

Programme Advantages/ Features:
  1. All immediate members can be included in the same application
  2. No English, business management background, academic qualifications required
  3. Simple and short processing time. It only takes 1 to 4 months to obtain a visa
  4. Children can enjoy free education after obtaining the Leave To Remain visa
  5. Freedom to enter and exit the country during your stay, but one cannot stay away for more than 6 months per year
Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  1. Aged 18 or above
  2. Open a bank account in the United Kingdom (Explanation on the sources of Fund required)
  3. Invest 2 million pounds in UK into UK financial markets, enterprise or designated financial products such as stocks, funds, etc., but cannot include properties, treasury bonds
Special case sharing:
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • There are also fast path to apply permanent residency (ILR). If you are interested, please call 2838 6233.