Goldmax International Study Service Centre

Prior to the establishment of Goldmax International Study Service Centre, Goldmax International Consultancy Company (Oversea Study Service Department) was a sub-division of Goldmax International Group Limited. It has been in service since 1992 to offer overseas and local study services, and it has been loved by students and parents over the years. To expand our service scope, Goldmax International Consultancy Company restructured and demerged in September 2011 where Goldmax International Study Centre is responsible for overseas study service and study visa applications and Goldmax International Consultancy Company (now known as Goldmax Immigration Consulting Company Limited) is responsible for various immigration projects and visa applications.

At Goldmax, we strive to exceed your expectation by providing outstanding quality in the overseas study consulting service which includes exploring students’ study options, selecting a suitable educational institution to pursue their education base on students’ ability and interest by a highly experienced consulting team. Apart from this, we will also take into account parents’ expectations of their children and act as a mediator to ensure effective communication between the student and parents along their way before we set on a study proposal.