Entrepreneur Work Visa

紐西蘭企業家簽證 (Entrepreneur Work Visa) 是紐西蘭移民局為有經營、有意到紐西蘭開設生意的申請人而設的方案,旨在通過該計劃所得的資金以支持當地的經濟發展。


  • 申請人在獲得紐西蘭永久綠卡之後再無移民監要求,綠卡永久有效
  • 可與配偶與 19 歲或以下的子女一同申請


  • 投資至少10萬紐元到紐西蘭開設生意,為期3
  • 過往有3年或以上經營生意或高層管理經驗
  • 英語:英文雅思 (IELTS) 4.0或以上
  • 申請時需提交詳細商業計劃書
  • 此為計分方案,申請人需要在計分項目中取得120分或以上

Entrepreneur Work Visa is for people who want to work in their own business in New Zealand. It aims to support the local economy through the funds obtained.

Programme Advantages/ Features:
  1. There is no residing requirement after obtaining the permanent resident status
  2. Spouse and dependent children aged 19 or under can be included in the visa application
Basic requirements of the main applicant:
  1. Invest at least NZD$100,000 and work in your own business in New Zealand up to 3 years in total.
  2. At least 3 years of business experience
  3. Able to speak English with an IELTS score of 4 or above
  4. Provides business plan
  5. This is a point-based program. Applicant needs to get at least 120 points in Expression of Interest (EOI)