纽西兰技术移民(Skilled Migrant Category, 简称SMC)是纽西兰移民局(Immigration New Zealand, 简称 INZ)所推行之移民政策,旨在引入技术人才以填补当地劳工空缺并贡献当地的经济发展。

  1. 纽西兰公民可在澳洲居住及工作
  2. 获得永久居民身份后,沒有任何「移民监」的要求
  3. 纽西兰护照持有人享有世上171个国家和地区的免签待遇
  1. 年龄不超过55周岁
  2. 资歷符合职业要求
  3. 英语雅思(IELTS)成绩达6.5分
  4. 移民意向书(Expression of Interest, 简称EOI)中得分不少于160分
  • 若申请人之职业在纽西兰「长期紧缺职业清单(LTSSL)」内或在纽西兰取得永久工作(Permanent Job Offer),在纽西兰技术移民评分时可获得额外加分

SMC (Skilled Migrant Category)

紐西蘭技術移民 (Skilled Migrant Category, 簡稱SMC) 是紐西蘭移民局 (Immigration New Zealand, 簡稱 INZ) 所推行之移民政策,旨在引入技術人才以填補當地勞工空缺並貢獻當地的經濟發展。


  • 申請人在獲得紐西蘭永久綠卡之後再無移民監要求,綠卡永久有效


  • 55歲以下
  • 資歷符合職業要求
  • 英語雅思 (IELTS) 成績達6.5分
  • 移民意向書 (Expression of Interest, 簡稱EOI) 中得分不少於160分


  • 若申請人之職業在紐西蘭「長期緊缺職業清單 (LTSSL)」內或在紐西蘭取得永久工作 (Permanent Job Offer),在紐西蘭技術移民評分時可獲得額外加分 

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) is a migration policy promoted by Immigration department of New Zealand (INZ). It aims to attract skilled talents to fill in the vacancy of local labor and contribute to the development of local economy. 

Programme Advantages/ Features:
  1. New Zealand citizens can reside and work in Australia
  2. After obtaining permanent resident status, there is no “residing obligation”
  3. New Zealand passport holders enjoy visa-free to 171 countries and regions in the world
Applicants need to meet the following requirements:
  1. Age not more than 55-year old
  2. Qualifications meet professional requirements
  3. IELTS overall scores 6.5 or above
  4. No less than 160 points in the Expression of Interest (EOI)
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • If the applicant’s occupation is in the Long Term Shortage Proficiency List (LTSSL) or has a Permanent Job Offer in New Zealand, an additional points will be added on the rating of New Zealand Skilled Immigration