Singapore: Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)

新加坡政府推出創業入境准證 (Entrepreneur Pass, 簡稱EntrePass) 以吸引更多新創公司前來新加坡投資,務求使新加坡的科技創新生態系統變得更加活躍,將新加坡發展為領先的創業基地。此計劃可廣納世界各地的企業家和專業人才以推動當地科研及經濟發展,更為企業家提供入境和居留的便利。


  • 可享有新加坡的待遇與福利
  • 申請快捷


  • 有創業或營商背景或有大學以上學歷及高級管理經驗皆可申請
  • 未在新加坡註冊公司或已註冊時間不超過六個月
  • 公司實繳資本為至少 50,000 新元

The Singapore government introduced the Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) to attract more start-ups companies to invest in Singapore, in order to make Singapore’s technological innovation ecosystem more active and to transform Singapore into a leading entrepreneurial base. This program can widely include entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world to promote local scientific research and economic development, and provides convenient entry and residing environment for entrepreneurs.

Programme Advantages/ Features:
  1. All immediate members can be included in the same application. 
  2. Entitlement of Singapore’s benefits
  3. Express application processing
Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  1. Has a business or business background or has a university degree or above and senior management experience
  2. Registered company in Singapore when applying for Entrepass or registered for not more than six months
  3. Paid-in capital is at least SGD 50,000