Relative Immigration Visa



  • 證明與保證人關係之真實性
  • 保證人能證明其經濟能力足以照顧受養人
  • 保證人能為受養人提供適當居所


  • 本計劃不適用於﹕
    • 內地的中國居民,但不包括以下人士:
      • 保證人為獲准來港就業或就讀或根據「資本投資者入境計劃」、「優秀人才入境計劃」或「輸入中國籍香港永久性居民第二代計劃」來港人士
      • 擁有其他國家永久居民身份,如美國綠卡、加拿大楓葉卡
    • 以單程通行證計劃以外途徑取得澳門特別行政區 (澳門特區) 居留身份並居於澳門特區少於7年的前內地中國居民
    • 阿富汗及朝鮮國民

The sponsor can apply his/her spouse and unmarried children under the age of 18 to reside in Hong Kong. This program is also extended to the sponsor’s parents, but they must be aged 60 or above. The sponsor must have a certain financial ground to support his/her dependent’s daily life in Hong Kong.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  1. To prove the authenticity of the relationship with the sponsor
  2. The sponsor can prove that his financial ability is sufficient to take care of the dependents
  3. The sponsor can provide the dependent with proper accommodation
  4. No criminal records
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • This program is not applicable for:
  1. Chinese residents in the Mainland (unless their sponsors are admitted to work in Hong Kong or are enrolled in or under the “Capital Investment Entrant Scheme”, “Excellent Talent Immigration Scheme” or “Hong Kong Permanent Resident Second Generation Program for Chinese Input” Dependents;
  2. Chinese residents who have the status of residence in other countries, such as the United States Green Card, Canada Maple Leaf Card, can also be excluded. Former residents of the Chinese mainland who have acquired a resident status in the Macao Special Administrative Region (“Macao Special Administrative Region”) and are currently resident in the Macao Special Administrative Region outside the one-way permit scheme;
  3. Afghan and North Korean nationals.