Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program (QIEP)

魁北克省 (Quebec,簡稱魁省)是加拿大的法語省份,官方語言為法語。主要城市包括滿地可/蒙特利爾 (Montreal)、魁北克市 (Quebec City)。

魁省企業家類別 (Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program – QIEP) 是魁省政府與聯邦政府共同管理的移民項目之一,亦與當地的經濟政策有密切關係。



  • 一步到位:直接獲取永久居民身份,並非「工作簽證」


Stream 1:

  • 類似於加拿大聯邦政府的Start-up Visa項目,申請人需要有一個創新生意概念,而該意念需獲得商業輔助加速公司 (business accelerator)、商業輔助新創公司 (Business incubator) 或大學企業中心 (University entrepreneurship centre) 其中一機構支持,然而在生意營運當中提供支援。

Stream 2:

  • 在當地營運一盤生意,如果在蒙特利爾內,初創備用存款為30萬加元;在蒙特利爾外,則為20萬加元,另加上按金20萬加元,按金會於完成生意計劃書之執行後退回
  • 擁有90萬加元以上的淨資產,其中可包括動產及不動產,可計算配偶資產
  • 沒有特定年限,但不同年齡層有不同分數。其他計分準則包括申請人的法語、英語能力、學歷、資產、生意類別等
  • 公司的股權要求為1/4或以上


  • 魁省企業家移民Stream 2暫時停止接受申請

Quebec is Canada’s French province and its official language is French. Major cities include Montreal and Quebec City. 

The Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program (QIEP) is one of the immigration projects jointly managed by the Quebec provincial government and the federal government. It is also closely related to local economic policies. There are many Chinese aliases for entrepreneur programs in the market, such as QIEP, business immigration, entrepreneur immigration, and provincial nomination plan. Goldmax consultants collectively referred to them as QIEP or Quebec entrepreneurs.

This provincial nomination plan aims to attract overseas business talents and stimulate the development of local economy by their business activities. The federal government of Canada grants the Quebec provincial government the right to independently select candidate and allows the provincial government to nominate applicants who meets the requirements to become permanent residents of Canada, and then start a business in the local area.

Programme Advantages/ Features:
  1. All immediate members can be included in the same application
  2. One step to reach Permanent Resident (PR) status
  3. Free education for children upon permanent residency is granted
Basic requirements of the applicant:
  1. Has at least 2 years of business experience in the past 5 years
  2. Has net assets of CAD 300,000 or more, which may include movable assets and real estate, and may include spouse assets
  3. Submits Sources of Fund
  4. Companies interested in investing at least CAD 100,000 in Quebec (company’s equity requirement is 1/4 or more)
  5. Provides business plan
  6. Exploratory trip and interview in Quebec
  7. Within 3 years after landing in Quebec, continue to actively participate in the daily operation and management of the company in Quebec province for at least 1 year, and create at least 1 full-time position for Canadian permanent residents or citizens
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • Quebec Entrepreneurs has temporarily ceased to accept applications.