Quebec Overseas Study Immigration Path

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魁北克省省政府提名計劃 – 魁北克經驗類移民 (Québec experience program, 簡稱PEQ) 中可分成魁省畢業生(Quebec Graduate)及外國勞工類別(Skilled Foreign Temporary Worker)。



  • 環凱的服務包括申請學校、學生簽證及移民申請
  • 申請人在學期間,其配偶及子女可以陪同;配偶可申請工作簽證 (Open work permit) 在當地工作
  • 畢業後無須獲僱主聘用即可透過魁省政府提名計劃申請成為加拿大永久居民


  • 18 歲以上
  • 在魁省的學習時間不少於1,800個小時 (即少於1.5年時間),所選學科也必須為全日制課程
  • 法語達到Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) B2水平
  • 有能力及意願留在魁省生活和工作


  • 申請人若選擇職業類文憑/證書,只需完成法語課程,便可申請移民
  • 申請人的課程是法語教授,可等同CEFR B2 水平

Quebec Provincial Government Nominee Program – The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) can be divided into Quebec Graduates and Skilled Foreign Temporary Workers.

The Provincial Nominee Program aims to attract overseas students who are about to graduate from the province, have already graduated, or overseas workers who have work experience in the province to stay behind and use what they learned to contribute back to the local community and promote local economic development. Therefore, as long as the applicant graduates from the local area and meets the French requirements, he can apply for a permanent residency in Canada through PEQ. There are many other aliases on the market, such as PEQ, immigration for overseas students, Quebec Study Path etc., Goldmax consultants collectively referred to them as PEQ or Quebec study immigrants.

Programme Advantages/ Features:
  1. Goldmax services include application of schools, student visas and immigration application
  2. During the school terms, the principle applicant can be accompanied by his/ her spouse and children in Quebec; the spouse can apply for an Open Work permit to work in the local area
  3. After graduation, one can apply to become a permanent resident of Canada through the Quebec government nomination program without being hired by an employer
Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  1. 18 or above
  2. The academic term in Quebec is not less than 1,800 hours (less than 1.5 year) and the selected subject must also be a full-time course
  3. Achieved French proficiency (B2 level of Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) )
  4. Have the ability and intent to live and work in Quebec
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • If the applicant chooses a vocational diploma/certificate, upon completion and pass of the French language course, one can apply for immigration.
  • If the applicant’s course is taught in French, then it equals to CEFR B2 level.