Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)


魁北克省 (Quebec,簡稱魁省)是加拿大的法語省份,官方語言為法語。主要城市包括滿地可/蒙特利爾 (Montreal)、魁北克市 (Quebec City)。

魁省投資移民計劃 (Quebec Immigrant Investor Program – QIIP) 是加拿大魁北克省政府於1986年創立。此計劃旨在讓申請人及其家屬經投資在魁省而取得加拿大永久居民身份。



  • 100%無風險投資
  • 無需在加拿大經營企業,不需承擔生意營運風險


  • 18歲或以上
  • 在過去5年內具備最少2年營商背景或高層管理經驗
  • 擁有200萬加元或以上淨資產
  • 提交資金來源證明 (Sources of Fund)
  • 透過魁省政府認可的基金公司 (Financial Intermediaries – Broker or Trust Company) 投資120萬加元,為期5年


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  • 魁省投資移民或QIIP設有申請名額,並由基金公司 (Financial Intermediaries – Broker or Trust Company) 發放申請名額
  • 申請人可以貸款融資方式進行投資。申請人向魁省政府指定的基金公司 (Financial Intermediaries – Broker or Trust Company) 申請貸款融資,只需向基金公司一次性支付貸款利息,不用存放1,200,000加元
  • 企業移民與投資移民不同,前者要求申請人到加拿大經營企業,而後者則要求申請人投資特定金額即可申請成為「永久性居民」,部分客戶因擔心於新環境創業舉步為艱而招致虧損,故選擇投資移民途徑申請,不需承擔生意營運風險

Quebec (Quebec) is Canada’s French province and its official language is French. Major cities include Montreal and Quebec City.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) was established in 1986 by the Government of Quebec, Canada and is now collectively referred to as Quebec Investment Immigration or QIIP. This program is designed to allow applicant and their families to obtain permanent residing in Canada by investing in Quebec. After meeting certain requirements, you can apply to become a Canadian citizen and obtain a Canadian passport.

With the repeal of the Canadian federal investment immigration program long ago, QIIP has become the only immigration programme in Canada that allows applicants to obtain permanent resident status through investment. The provincial government uses investor’s fund through this program to provide funding for Quebec’s small and medium-sized enterprises to support local economic development.

Programme Advantages/ Features:
  1. All immediate members can be included in the same application
  2. 100% risk-free investment
  3. Besides investing CAD 1.2 million for 5 years, applicant can invest through loan financing. Applicant can apply for loan financing through Financial Intermediaries – Broker or Trust Company which is appointed by the government of Quebec. Applicant only needs to pay the total amount of loan interest for that five years to the Financial Intermediaries.
  4. No need to operate a business after landing in Canada and bear the risk at business operations
  5. Quebec has the top 10 universities in the Canada: McGill University, Université de Montréal etc.
  6. Children can enjoy free education after permanent residency is granted
Basic requirements of an applicant:
  1. Aged 18 or above
  2. Has at least 2 years of business background or senior management experience in the past 5 year
  3. Has net assets of CAD 2 million or above, including intangible assets and real estate, and can include spouse’s assets
  4. Explanation on the sources of Fund
  5. Invest CAD 1,200,000 through the Financial Intermediaries – Broker or Trust Company for five years
Special case sharing:
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • Quebec Investment Immigration or QIIP has application quotas, and is granted by a financial business (Financial Intermediaries – Broker or Trust Business).
  • Difference between enterprise immigration and investment immigration is the former requires the applicant to go to Canada to run a business, while the latter requires the applicant to invest a certain amount of money then to apply to become a “permanent resident”. Some clients are worried about the loss which will cause at the new environment when doing business. Therefore choose to apply through investment immigration which does not need to bear the risk at the business operations.