NSNP – Registered Nurse

新斯科舍省勞動力市場優先類別 (Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream) 為滿足該省當前勞動力市場的需求而設。新斯科舍省會不定期按照當前短缺的工種進行抽籤,提名合資格申請人通過快速移民通道 (Express Entry)獲得加拿大永久居留身份。


  • 註冊護士在新斯科舍省屬於短缺工種,故此方案可作為註冊護士移民加拿大的獨特途徑


  • 18歲或以上
  • 符合聯邦技術移民 (Federal Skilled Worker Program – FSW) 或 加拿大經驗移民 (Canadian Experience Class – CEC) 的資格
  • 學士學位或已完成至少3年的專上課程
  • 英語水平達到CLB 8 級 (英文雅思 IELTS:聽7.5 / 說6.5 / 讀6.5 / 寫6.5)
  • 至少3年的註冊護士或精神科註冊護士經驗 (NOC 3012)
  • 有意向在新斯科舍省定居


  • 若申請人想繼續從事註冊護士工作,則必須考取加拿大註冊護士牌照
  • 要取得加拿大註冊護士牌照,申請人必須成功通過學歷及牌照認證﹑NCLEX考試及其他考核
  • 環凱專為移民美國﹑加拿大的香港註冊護士設立「NCLEX網上學習課程」並配以模擬測驗,「一take pass」成功率高達90%
  • 環凱會協助申請人取得註冊護士牌照
The Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream was implemented in response to the labour market demand in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia will conduct immigration draws based on the current occupations in demand to nominate eligible applicants to obtain permanent residency through the Express Entry (EE) route.
Programme Advantages/ Features
  • Registered nurse is considered a job in demand in Nova Scotia. Thus, this program can be deemed as a special route to particularly for registered nurses immigrating to Canada.
Basic requirement of the main applicant
  • Be eligible in Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) or Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Degree holder or completed a post-secondary program at least 3 year in duration
  • English language requirement at least CLB 8
  • At least 3 years of experience as a registered nurse or registered psychiatric nurse (NOC 3012)
  • Intend to settle in Nova Scotia
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants
  • If the applicant wants to continue to work as a registered nurse, a Canadian registered nursing licence would be required.
  • To obtain a Canadian registered nursing licence, the applicant must successfully pass the academic qualifications and licence certification, NCLEX exam and other assessments.
  • Goldmax designs to help registered nurse applicants who aim to immigrate to the US or Canada to enrol in the “NCLEX online learning course” (mock exams provided), with a first attempt success rate of up to 90%.

Goldmax will provide assistance to applicants to obtain their registered nursing licence