Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program – Entrepreneur Stream

新斯科舍省 (Nova Scotia, 簡稱NS省 或 新省) 是其中一個加拿大大西洋省份。加拿大大西洋省份 (Atlantic Canada/Atlantic Provinces) 包括加拿大面積最小的四個省份。NS省/新省同亦是加拿大海洋省 (Maritime Province) 之一,主要城市為哈利法克斯 (Halifax)。

NS省/新省企業家移民計劃 (Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program – Entrepreneur Stream) 專為擁有營商經驗或高層管理的人士而設,希望藉著由企業家移民帶來的資金、技術和營商經驗來促進NS省/新省的發展和經濟。

加拿大聯邦政府賦予NS省/新省政府獨立甄選權,允許省政府提名符合要求的申請人先取得工作簽證 (Work Permit),符合特定要求後再正式申請成為加拿大永久居民。

  • NS省/新省按照申請人的分數作篩選,包括申請人的英語能力、年齡、學歷、營商/高層管理經驗、資產、生意類別、投放企業資金等
  • 成功取得工作簽證 (Work Permit) 後,子女即可在NS省/新省享有免費教育
  • 21歲或以上
  • 在過去10年內具備
    • 最少3年營商經驗 (公司的股權要求為1/3或以上) 或
    • 擁有多於5年的高層管理工作經驗;
  • 擁有60萬加元以上的淨資產
  • 至少擁有相當於加拿大高中教育水平或以上的學歷
  • 英語或法語水平達到 Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 級或以上 (英文雅思 – 通用模式 (IELTS – General Training):聽5.0 / 說5.0 / 讀4.0 / 寫5.0)
  • 有意投放最少15萬加元於NS省/新省的企業上 (公司的股權要求為1/3或以上)
  • 在NS省/新省境內持續及積極地參與企業的日常運作及管理、並創造至少1個全職職位予加拿大永久居民或公民
  • 申請人完成「業務表現協議書」(Business Performance Agreement) 的條款後即可獲提名申請成為加拿大永久居

The Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program (Entrepreneur Stream) is designed for people with business experience and aspirations. It aims to promote NS through the funds, independent skills, and businesses brought by entrepreneurial immigrants and stimulate the economy and development of NS province. There are many Chinese aliases in the market for this Programme, such as the NSPNP Entrepreneur Program, business immigration, entrepreneur immigration, and provincial nomination programs. Goldmax consultants generally referred to themas the NSPNP Entrepreneur Program or entrepreneurs from the NS/ Nova Scotia province.

The federal government of Canada grants the Nova Scotia provincial government the right to independently select candidates and allow the provincial government to nominate applicants who meet the requirements to obtain a Work Permit first, and then formally apply to become a permanent resident of Canada after meeting specific requirements.

Programme Advantages/ Features:
  1. All immediate members can be included in the same application
  2. Nova Scotia Province screens candidate according to the applicant’s scores, including the applicant’s English ability, age, academic qualifications, business experience, assets, business locations, deposits of entrepreneur funds, etc
  3. After successfully obtaining a Work Permit, children can enjoy free education in Nova Scotia Province
Basic requirements of an applicant:
  1. 21 years old or above
  2. Achieved in the past 10 years
    • At least 3 years of business background or senior management experience (company’s equity requirement is 1/3 or more) or
    • More than 5 years of senior management experience
  3. Has over CAD 600,000 of net assets, including intangible and tangible assets, and can include spouse’s assets
  4. Explanation on the sources of Fund
  5. Has at least the equivalent of a Canadian high school education level or above
  6. Must achieve English or French level (CLB/NCLC level 5 or above; IELTS: Listening 6.0 / speaking 5.0 / reading 4.0 / writing 5.0)
  7. Provides business plan
  8. Exploratory trip and interview in NS/Nova Scotia Province
  9. Intends to invest at least CAD 150,000 in Enterprise in NS/Nova Scotia Province (company’s equity requirement is 1/3 or more)
  10. Continuously and actively participates in day-to-day operation and management of the company within NS/ Nova Scotia Province and creates at least 1 full-time position for Canadian permanent residents or citizens
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • The applicant can apply to become a permanent resident of Canada after completing the terms of the “Business Performance Agreement”.