Manitoba Overseas Study Immigration Path

曼尼托巴省省政府提名計劃 – 留學/讀書移民類別中可分成International Education Stream (簡稱IES) 和Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream兩個主要類別。



  • 環凱的服務包括申請學校、工作配對及移民申請。申請人可能同時獲取加拿大學歷、工作經驗及移民身份
  • 課程選擇包括文憑、證書﹑學士、研究生 (Postgraduate Diploma)、碩士課程等等
  • 申請人在學期間,配偶可申請工作簽證 (Open work permit) 在當地工作,子女可在當地享有免費教育


  • 在曼省認可的學院修讀至少1年課程,包括文憑、證書﹑學士、研究生 (Postgraduate Diploma)、碩士課程
  • 在曼省有僱主發出的工作錄取通知及工作6個月
  • 有能力及意願留在曼省生活和工作
  • 在Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream下,如果從事的工作是0、A、B類,不須提供英文能力證明,但從事C、D類工作,則需要證明英語水平要達到CLB 4或以上 (英語IELTS雅思:聽4.5 / 說4.0 / 讀3.5 / 寫4.0)
  • 在International Education Stream下,要證明英語水平要達到CLB 7或以上 (英語IELTS雅思:聽6.0 / 說6.0 / 讀6.0 / 寫6.0)
  • 不符合技術﹑企業﹑投資等移民資格的客戶,可選擇讀書移民方案
  • 如申請人獲曼省僱主聘用的職位為曼省短缺工作 (Manitoba In-demand Occupation),且跟在曼省之學習科目相關,可以豁免工作6個月的要求,獲得工作錄取通知,即可申請
經濟一週: 加拿大留學移民|讀Master可全家移民?留港進修考IELTS、到加國升學讀書

The Provincial Nominee Program aims to attract overseas students who are about to graduate from the province, have already graduated, or overseas workers who have work experience to stay in the province and use what they learned to contribute back to the local community and promote local economic development. Therefore, as long as the applicant graduates from the local area can apply to become a permanent resident of Canada through the provincial nomination program. There are many other aliases on the market, such as overseas study migration, Manitoba Study Path, MPNP IES, MPNP Skilled Worker, and nomination programs. Goldmax consultants collectively referred to them as the Manitoba Immigration through Study Path.

EDigest X Goldmax -《Study Immigration Path To Canada For Dummies》: 
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Programme Advantages/ Features:
  1. Goldmax services include applying schools, job matching and immigration applications. Applicant may also obtain Canadian education, work opportunities, and immigration status
  2. Subject options include diplomas, certificates, bachelors, postgraduate diplomas, master’s programs, etc
  3. During the school terms, the applicant can be accompanied by his/her spouse and children; The spouse can apply for an Open Work permit to work in the local area
Basic requirements of an applicant:
  1. Study for at least one year of course at a Manitoba’s accredited college, including diplomas, certificates, bachelors, postgraduate diplomas, master’s programs
  2. Employment Notice issued by employer in Manitoba Province and work experience of 6 months
  3. Have the ability and intent to live and work in Manitoba
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • Clients who do not meet the qualifications for immigration program such as technical personnel, entrepreneur and investor may choose the study path immigration programs.
  • Applicant who is employed by a Manitoba employer as Manitoba In-demand Occupation can be exempted from six-month work requirement.