Investment Immigration – 188C

SIV 重大投資者簽證 (Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa – Subclass 188C: Significant Investor Stream) 為省提名移民計劃。此省提名計劃專為有一定資金實力並願意在澳洲進行商業及投資活動的申請人而設立。透過此計劃,澳洲政府可以吸引世界各地的富戶,將資金投放到澳洲州政府指定的投資產品上。 


  • 可同行之家庭成員包括配偶及23歲以下未婚、未能經濟獨立的子女
  • 沒有年齡、營商或投資經驗要求
  • 沒有學歷﹑英語等要求
  • 居住要求寬鬆
  • 可按個人或家庭需要,可申請投資移民延長簽證,延緩申請永居的日期


  • 資金來源審查 (Source of fund)
  • 獲州政府提名
  • 投資5,000,000澳元於以下項目:
    • 20% (1,000,000澳元) 用於澳洲風險投資與發展私募股權基金 (VCPE) ;
    • 30% (1,500,000澳元) 用於澳洲新興上市公司的管理基金 ;
    • 50% (2,500,000澳元) 用於均衡投資,如澳洲基金、上市公司、公司債券等等
  • 成功獲取永居申請後,便可退出投資


  • 188類別簽證有效期由4年增至5年
  • 資金來源審查較188B簽證寬鬆
  • 188C簽證最快3年後申請永久居民身份 (Subclass – 888)

The Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa – Subclass 188 is divided into five categories, one of which is the Australian 188C: Significant Investor Stream. There are many other aliases in the market, such as 188C, SIV, Australian major investment immigration, Australian 188C investor visa, Australian investment immigration 188C, Investor Visa, investment immigration state nomination program and so on. Goldmax consultants collectively referred to them as SIV, Australia 188C or 188C investment immigration.

This provincial nomination program is set up for applicants with certain financial strength and are willing to conduct business or investment activities in Australia. Through the huge investment in this programme, the Australian government can stimulate local business activities and economic development.

Programme Advantages/ Features:
  1. All immediate members can be included in the same application
  2. No age restriction
  3. Business background is not required
  4. Education and English language level are not required
  5. The residence requirement for one to convert permanent resident status is not rigid
Applicants must meet the following conditions:
  1. In the past 2 years, the net assets of individuals and families are not less than A$5 million
  2. Invested A$5 million to purchase Australian government-designated investment products for 4 years
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • The 188C visa is a 4-year temporary visa. Applicant can apply to convert to a permanent resident status (888 visa) as long as one meets the investment requirement and accumulate at least 40 days per year in Australia, or your spouse accumulates residency days in Australia for a minimum of 180 days per year.
  • If the dependent children wish to apply together, they must be 22 or under, unmarried and a full-time students.