Family Immigration (Spouse, Children)

英國公民或永久居民 (即擔保人),只要能提供足夠資產或入息證明,為申請人提供居所,便可申請其配偶、未滿18周歲的子女及合資格父母前往英國定居。


  • 證明英文有A1水平,可通過英語考試認可之英文考試包括IELTS / IELTS Life Skills 或學歷認證,
  • 如申請父母,需要證明父母沒有能力照顧自己,且在其原居地亦沒有其他親人作照料
  • 提供與擔保人關係之證明


Young man studying at home during online courses for disinfector, nurse, medical services. Getting profession while isolated, quarantine against coronavirus. Using laptop, smartphone, headphones.


  • 65歲以上的申請人才可免卻英語要求 
  • 近年英國對配偶申請人要求嚴苛,尤其在居所安排及存款要求方面,英國政府皆有嚴格的要求
  • 對比BNO簽證,此計劃的配偶可於第5年申請入籍,比BNO簽證快1年;子女則可快至3年申請入籍,比BNO簽證快3年
The sponsor must meet the following requirements:
  1. Provide dwelling for the applicant
  2. Provide sufficient assets or proof of income to prove that the sponsor has the financial ability to support the applicant
Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  1. Pass the English exam (approved English exam includes IELTS / IELTS Life Skills)
  2. Provide proof of relationship with the sponsor
Special case sharing:
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • In recent years, the United Kingdom has strict requirements upon spousal application. In particular, the British government has strict requirements on home placement and deposit.