Entrepreneurs invest in Hong Kong

企業家來港投資計劃 (Investment as Entrepreneurs) 旨在爲有意來港開辦或參與業務的企業家發出之逗留簽證。審批的準則基於申請人過往的管理、營商背景為主。

Programme Advantages/ Features:


Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • 18歲或以上
  • 擁有學士學位
    • 特殊情況下,具備良好的技術資格、經證明的專業能力及/或備有文件證明的有關經驗和成就、資深管理經驗之申請人,只有中專、文憑程度亦可予接受
  • 擬在香港開辦企業、入股企業,或者已經在香港經營企業,能夠對香港經濟作出重大貢獻
  • 提交生意計劃書或為已獲得其中一個指定支援計劃支持的初創業務

Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:

  • 本計劃不適用於
    • 內地的中國居民,但不包括以下人士:
      • 擁有其他國家永久居民身份,如美國綠卡、加拿大楓葉卡 及
      • 已在海外居住不少於1年 及
      • 申請從海外遞交
    • 阿富汗、古巴、老撾、朝鮮、尼泊爾及越南國民

The Investment scheme as Entrepreneurs aims to issue visa for those who intend to come to Hong Kong to start up or participate in a business. The criteria for approval are based on the applicant’s past management and business background.

Programme Advantages/ Features:

Hong Kong has the lowest tax rate among the world and the tax system is simple. In addition, the procedures for registering a business in Hong Kong are also very simple. In addition, Hong Kong has a relatively high level of education group. Most of them hold an associate degree or above to help the investor upon their business. The convenient transportation system and advanced information technology are bonus for investors to start their business here. It is a suitable place for entrepreneurship.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  1. Age 18 or above
  2. Have a bachelor’s degree or in exceptional circumstances, possessing good professional qualifications, proven professional competence and/or relevant experience and achievements with documentary evidence could be an alternative
  3. Plan to establish a business or shareholding company in Hong Kong or have already operated a business in Hong Kong that can make a significant contribution to the Hong Kong economy
  4. Submit a business plan or start-up business that has been supported by a designated support plan
  5. An applicant who holds a Chinese passport but has a permanent residence status overseas or Chinese passport but has lived abroad for not less than 1 year before submitting the application from overseas.
  6. No criminal records
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • Eligible family members are spouse and unmarried children age under 18
  • This program is not applicable for : Chinese residents in mainland (unless they have a resident status of other countries, such as the United States – Green Card, Canadian Maple Leaf Card), Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, Nepal and Vietnam nationals.