Business Immigration – 188A

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商業創新簽證 (188A類) (Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa – Subclass 188A: Business Innovation Stream) 為省提名移民計劃。此省提名計劃旨在吸引世界各地的企業人才到澳洲投資及開創企業,刺激當地就業率和經濟發展。


  • 可同行的家庭成員包括配偶及23歲以下未婚、未能經濟獨立的子女
  • 可申請企業移民延長簽證,延長逗留時間
  • 沒有學歷要求
  • 英語要求為IELTS雅思總分4.5,但可以付錢取締
  • 淨資產要求較其他澳洲商業移民項目低


  • 18-54歲
  • 淨資產不低於1,250,000澳元
  • 過去4 個財政年度中的其中2年,公司每年營業額不低於750,000澳元
  • 過去4 個財政年度中的其中2年,在公司持股比例不低於30%;如果是上市公司,則不低於10%
  • 一直持續及成功地營運生意
  • 在澳洲商業甄選系統 (EOI) 中得分不低於65分 
  • 獲州政府提名
  • 有意向在澳洲營運生意,而且該生意營業額需為最少300,000澳元


  • 188類別簽證有效期由4年增至5年 
  • 個別省份對申請人有額外的要求,例如分數、背景等等
  • 申請人獲批之後,需要到澳洲擔保的州份投資並營運生意2年,並需參與日常管理工作,居住要求則為1年。因此,在達到營業額及其他要求後,最快2年後即可申請轉換成永久居民身份 (Subclass 888)

This Provincial Nominee Program aims to attract talents and senior management personnel from around the world to invest or start up business in Australia to stimulate the local employment rates and economic development.

Programme Advantages/ Features:
  1. All immediate members can be included in the same application.
  2. There is no specific requirement for the applicant’s academic qualifications and English proficiency
  3. Asset requirements lower than other Australian investment immigrations
Applicants must meet the following conditions:
  1. Age 55 or below
  2. Personal and family net assets not less than A$800,000
  3. In two of the last four fiscal years, the company’s annual turnover was not less than A$500,000.
  4. In two of the past four fiscal years, an applicant’s company’s shareholding ratio is not less than 30%; if it is a listed company, shareholding ratio must not be less than 10%.
  5. No less than 65 points in the Australian Business Selection System (EOI)
  6. Sponsored by the State Government
  7. 2 years of investment and operation in Australia
Friendly reminder from Goldmax Consultants:
  • The 188A visa is a four-year temporary visa. After the application is approved, the applicant needs to invest and operate a business in the Australian-sponsored state for 2 years, and to participate in the daily management work. As soon as 2 years is up, the applicant can apply for conversion to a permanent resident status (888 visa).
  • If the dependent children wish to apply together, they must be 22 or under, unmarried and full-time students.