Reopening of Quebec's Immigrant Investor Program

Program information:
  • The Quebec's Immigrant Investor Program is expected to be reopened from Aug 31, 2015 to Jan 31, 2016
  • Global quota is 1,750 while a maximum of 1,200 from applicants from China (including Hong Kong and Macao). There is no quota applied for applicants who possess advanced intermediate knowledge of French
  • An applicant has to prove that he or she has a net worth of CAD1,600,000 for submission. Spouse's net worth can be included as well
  • When the application is approved by the Quebec Government, the applicant have to invest CAD800,000 into government bonds without any interest return and getting back the return after 5 years
Applicant's background information:
  • Have at least 2-managerial experience in the most recent 5 years
  • Have discretion on material resources, human resources, finance, planning, management in the business
  • There is no specific English and French requirement
  • There is no specific academic qualification requirement
Other point:
  • Since the quota is very limited, the earlier to retain the higher chance to secure a place for migrating to Canada